Hairdresser KalamundaOur strengths are experience and diversity.

From razor cutting with heaps of texture to solid form clean lines, we can produce the look you want to achieve.

Colouring is our thing..

Be it corrective colouring, foiling, solid colour we can achieve a great result.

My favourite compliment is … Do you ever disappoint? Love that one..




Trim 25
Shampoo trim 35
Clipper cut 22


Pensioner 28
Trim 30
Shampoo and trim 40
Restyle from 45

Shampoo trim and blowdry

Pensioner 50
Short 55
Long from 60

Shampoo blowdry/set

Short from 30
Medium 40
Long from 45

Formal hair

From 65

Solid Colour

From 49 root touch
Extra unit extra 20

Top deck

High Lift
Corrective Colouring
Long hair Colouring and foiling all priced on an individual basis


Scattered foils From $5 each

Treatment with extended massage/hot towel $25

Colour cut and blowdry from $99 short

Perming from 85 to 115 for short hair.
Extra unit 25 for longer hair